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Thing to do and not do ... - Some of this, Some of that.

May. 23rd, 2013 04:28 pm Thing to do and not do ...

I had a pretty good morning, dropped the Mestisa off at work, went back home and fed Little Lass and played around for about 3/4 of an hour, bundled the two of us up and headed down to Owatana to pick up another compound bow (this one is mostly intact and can fire), went over to Cabela's to have the bow checked out and to see what I might need for the upcoming vacation in the way of fishing / boat stuff. Little Lass and a great time walking through the big fish tank area and looking at all the fish. Drove leisurely home, stopped at BK for a drive through lunch giving most of the fries to her and later the dogs ... very happy wagy tails. when going through the mail noticed that the new Netflix came in "John Q" with Denzel Washington (I like a great deal of his stuff) the story is about a father that takes a hospital hostage when his son (age 8 I'm guessing) needs a heart transplant and his insurance will not pay for it (the short version of the situation), I could not finish watching it, not because it was a bad movie, but the exact opposite, I can say that I hope never to be in that situation, and if I am I don't have to deal with bean counters and pencil pushers, because if I do I will re-rent this movie to see how he deals with the fucked up burockacy.

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