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Compound Bow ... - Some of this, Some of that.

May. 26th, 2013 07:22 am Compound Bow ...

The first Bow I picked up at an online auction needed a new string, I thought "no biggie, I will just bring it to (Gander Mtn/Cabela's/Dick's ... insert a place that does this sort of thing), nope, because the bow is more then 10 years old they have no idea of how to find out how long the main string should be, but I can do the leg work and hunt around on the web and then tell them how long it should be and they will get one, and if I find other parts that it MIGHT be missing from ebay they will put those on also ... How Can You Call Yourselves An Archery Store IF you Are This Clueless?!?!?!
Found bow #2 on Craig's List down near Owatonna, drove down there with Little Lass to look at it, the current owner was a young lady in HS who, at the behest of a now ex-boy friend, had gotten it and another one, but had not even shot the one I was looking at. I pick this one up, A Martin Warthog ... (why don't we just call it a un-ee-corn ... inside joke from Red vs Blue), it turns out my Chiropractor use to be a spokesperson from the Martin Archery company (in another lifetime with her now ex-husband) and she commented that it was a good bow back when it first came out (later learned that it's the same model that was used by Bo and Luke Duke in the tv show "Dukes of Hazzard"). Being that my extensive amount of knowledge on bows is which way is forward ... I looked up the Martin website and found a list of shops that are pro rated that deal with their bows, brought the bows in and had them checked out and the warthog was a good buy on my part, we added a peep sight to it, adjusted the pull and we were good to go, picked up half a dozen arrows, an arm guard (very much needed) a finger protector (from when releasing with my fingers) and a mechanical release (because with my bow I can do either), took the nice sight off bow number one ... turned out that is was set up for Carp fishing ... kinda, the rest of the bow is junk. This should be a fun experiment on me getting out and having fun.

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