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Gun Safe videos ... - Some of this, Some of that.

Jun. 24th, 2013 07:42 pm Gun Safe videos ...

So for part of the day (the last part while waiting for the Mestisa to get home from work) I was watching the youtub channel on the dvd player / TV, better image on the TV, pain in the butt typing in surch criteria.
One of the videos was from Defcon 19, doing a review on crapy security systems for firearms. (I remember doing an impromptu lock picking demo back at Defcom 4) The guy was amazing and I suddenly had a longing to go to Defcon 20, I have been missing the cons more and more over the last couple of years (unlike Fest which I have not been missing) the are so many cool looking cons out there that I would love to visit, and bringing Little Lass to play around and learn stuff at them "this is Oobleck!!!" and "locking picking 101 above what dad can teach you" play "spot the Fed" (if it is still being played). Little Lass will have just turned 3 when the next Defcon happens, might try to make that one with the wife ... I can use the excuse that I want to visit the parents-in-law (they live in Vegas).


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